Classroom Photos...FINALLY!

Hey everyone! So sorry it has taken so long to get this post together but the first few weeks of school has been super busy. 
Here is the view from the classroom door. Since then I have changed the tables a bit, but it is very similar. 
You may remember my post last year on how I painted my clear storage bins. You can see that post here. A little over a year later and they still look great! I highly recommend painting clear storage containers a solid color to add some flair to your classroom while covering visual distractions.
Speaking of covering visual distractions...My new classroom has some great built in shelving which I store all of my theme and leveled books on. Being able to see all of those books would have been too much a distraction for my students to resist. My AMAZING mom came in and hung this black fabric for me. I love the way it turned out. I am super anal picky about how my room looks and my mom figured out a great way to hang the fabric so that it was even with command hooks and a rod. LOVE!
On top of the bookshelf are my daily folders (see pic below). This is where I keep all of my materials for the week. Materials are broken down by day and activity. I love being able to just walk over to grab the folder for science and having all the materials ready. 

Next to the daily folders are two buckets of books- one for read alouds and one for the current theme. By the way...don't you L-O-V-E the tags? I was lucky enough to win a contest this past spring that Maria at Kinder-Craze hosted. I won the super fantastic rainbow chalkboard decor created by School Girl Style. You can purchase the set here. I love how having the same decor throughout my room pulls it all together without being too overwhelming for my kiddos. 
Here is looking towards the back of the classroom. The table to the left is where we do math activities and stations. The area on the right is for reading, and ELA stations. We use the magnetic pocket chart for sorting, sequencing, poetry, etc. Love that it is magnetic.
Here is the from of the room from the window. 
On my FB page I had posted about a pin I found saying you could write on your desks or table with paint pens. I was so excited!
The names looked great, but we couldn't get them off! We tried expo erasers, hand sanitizer, Goo Be Gone, hairspray, etc. FAIL!!
The Magic Eraser along with a fair amount of elbow grease finally worked. Needless to say I went back to the traditional name plates. 

In the front of the room we have our classroom rules.

We also have our Give Me 5 poster from Deanna Jump. I love how visual and concrete this is. My kiddos had a great time building Mr. Potato head so he was ready to learn. This activity is one of the many helpful resources in her All Set? You Bet! set.

That is it for now. Hope your school year is off to a great start!!!