Fall fun!

Fall fun is in full gear in my classroom! We have been working on classroom rules, exploring nature in the fall and working on fall vocabulary. We have been busy!
We kicked off the unit by talking about how we get to and from school and then making these super cute school buses. 

This project is an old craft project from The Mailbox magazine. For the craft we talk about the different shapes and colors we are using as well as the parts of the bus (bumper, lights, tires, etc). We then hung them up on the window. We have the HOTTEST room ever so we need to keep the blinds closed at all times. The buses help the area look cute.

Like every fall we have been practicing fire drills as a school. I found this cute fire drill set on TPT from Simply Kinder. You can download it here. This set was perfect for my class. You can choose which pages to include in the booklet and there are pictures to glue on for students that don't draw well.
While we were working on our booklets we actually had a fire drill! 

We have also been working with items found in nature during the fall. We have been using the items to work on concepts, classification, acting out actions from books, and more. 
Here we were finding acorns hidden in a bucket of leaves, sticks and bark. 
Once we found the acorns we sorted them in our tray (a fantastic dollar store find!) We sorted the acorns by big vs little, tops vs bottoms, etc. We worked on tall/long and short with sticks and bumpy versus smooth using the bark. Of course we also had to practice crunching all of the brittle leaves with our hands!
So much fun!!
What is your favorite fall activity to do with your class. Jot it down in the comments so we can all learn from each other!

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