Apple Activities

Our apple unit is quickly coming to a close, but we have had so much fun exploring and learning all about apples. 
We kicked off the unit with a apple tasting. First, we tried all three colors of apples. This is a very big deal for some of my kiddos. Most of my students have autism and very limited food repertoires. Try new foods can be very hard for them....but they all did it!! So proud! Once we had tried all three types of apples we graphed our favorite apples. The pieces on this graph are from Kristen Smith's All About Apples set. This set has some amazing photos...I highly recommend you check it out!

While we were cutting up the apples to taste I introduced the different parts of the apple. This gave the kiddos some knowledge for our next of an apple. We hung up this bulletin board using Shauna from Pocket Full Of Kinders apple set. 
This is how the bulletin board looked at the beginning of the lesson. Throughout the lesson we add labels to the apple:

Next up was learning about the life cycle of an apple. After reading books about it we worked on this poster:

The pictures are attached to the board by Velcro so students were able to take turns sequencing the pictures. Once we had it down we moved on to these sheets which are also from Pocket Full Of Kinder's set...

To wrap up our unit this week we are working on completing a review packet I made on based on all of these activities. 
Happy fall!

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  1. Love it! Thanks so much for always sharing! I don't know how you do all of this AND teach! Lucky are the kiddos who are fortunate to have you !