This is the first year that I have done a theme on bats around Halloween and I am loving it! After reading about bats body parts, eating and sleeping habits, and life cycle we made the CUTEST bat craft!

Students had to request the different parts using complete sentences and proper vocabulary. We used pipe cleaners to attach the feet to the real sticks so they could hang upside down. 
Students had a lot of fun adding their own details with white crayons.

We hung them over the chalkboard. I LOVE the way they look!

Don't they look adorable hanging over the 5 Little Bats poem?!

To wrap up the bat unit we made a bat-tastic snack:

They all came out slightly different, but equally cute. It was a great way to put our knowledge of halves and wholes into real life practice. Students had to first take half of the cookie and then break that into a half again. Fun math!

Happy Halloween!!!

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