Fire Safety lesson

We have been having all sorts of fun learning about fire safety! This was one of my class' favorite....

Here are the materials we used. I loved that it didn't require too many items.

Once students had their materials they had to rip the tissue paper. This was a bit challenging for my kiddos with fine motor difficulties. If you don't have enough staff to help students rip you could always have them use scissors to cut it.

Once the tissue paper was ripped and stuffed into the cup it should look something like this- flames coming out of the cup.

Next, we added baking soda to the cup. Some of the students were able to sprinkle it on while others used their fingers to get it off the spoon.

Then we talked about what a fire extinguisher is and what it does. We put out the fire in our cup by adding vinegar. We talked about how spraying a fire extinguisher does the same thing. It sprays foam that squashes the flames. The only thing I would have changed is to use a spray bottle filled with vinegar. I had intended to use one so it looked more like the extinguisher, but I forgot it at home :(

The kids LOVED watching the foam rise up while squashing the flames!

This experiment was the perfect complement to the Fire Safety Unit we have been doing. We have been having lots of fun working with these Fire Safety Interactive Books. My class goes BONKERS for them!!

Click HERE to see how we have been using the books. Looking for ways to add sensory activities into your fire unit? Click HERE.
HERE is a link to a cute fire truck craft.


  1. I was just thinking the other day how baking soda & vinegar projects used to be so much fun in school, but I've never done one with my students! I can definitely tie this into our fire safety unit! Thanks so much!

  2. How much baking soda and vinegar did you use?

    1. Hi!
      We just did a heaping spoonful of the baking soda and then slowly poured the vinegar until we saw the fizz. We didn't do measurements.