Learning through sensory fun!

A new staple in my classroom is our sensory bin. Since school has started I have only changed the sensory materials twice and the kiddos are just as excited to engage with it as they were when they first saw it. For a teacher on a tight budget I think this is important. 

This month we are using brown shredded paper, dried oatmeal, popcorn kernels and small plastic acorns and leaves. I have always thought shredded papers in a sensory bin sounded boring...WRONG! The kids (and me, too) L-O-V-E it!!

The kids love to take a turn finding the different cards we have hidden in there. After doing a lesson on the life cycle of a pumpkin we hid cards illustrating the different stages of the pumpkin life cycle. Students had to find the cards and then work together to put them in the correct order.

Another time we used the sensory bin for a math center. After students found the hidden cards they had to work to put the numbers in the correct order.

My students have been very motivated to do any of the academic tasks that involve the sensory bin. The possibilities are endless. 
How do you use your sensory bin?


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