Pass the Germs!

         I know, I know, we are usually telling kids how to NOT pass the germ on to the friend next to them!Just this once we are going to encourage it...for their own good! :D
         For this lesson we will show them just how quickly the germs spread around. 

         I started the lesson by reading the book, Germs, Germs, Germs! by Bobbi Katz. The book talks about how easy it is for germs to get into your body and the different ways we open ourselves up to germs in a funny way. I LOVE this book and highly recommend it. 

        Then we sat in a circle and one student was chosen as the germ source. I put lotion and germs (red glitter) on his hand. He then gave a high five to the student next to him. We continued giving high fives to the friend next to us until we were back where we started. 
The last student who got a high five...look at all those germs!
           Then I asked everyone to look at their hands. Every single student- even the last one- had red glitter on their hands! The student really "got " when they saw how much the glitter had spread around the class. Best germ lesson ever!

           Did I think of this amazing lesson? Nope, I put my own spin on this pin here.  How do you teach students about germs and keeping our bodies healthy? Please share by leaving a comment.
Now go wash your hands! :D


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