Tasty 5 Senses

Ready for some tasty science?! This lesson is a class favorite year after year. 
We start by passing around a bag of kernels and talking about what it feels like, what shape the kernels are, etc. While we don't fill it in on a chart we also make predictions about what will happen when we pour the kernels into the popper. Hot air poppers aren't very popular anymore, so many of my students have never seen one. 
Next we pour the kernels in and turn the popper on. Many of my students are autistic and do not like loud noises. A preset about the noise the popper makes works well in my classroom. 
After the popper is finished popping the students eyes start popping out at all the popcorn!!

We work on filling in our 5 senses chart as we go. First we taste the popcorn plain and then we add butter and salt. After we are done coming up with words and phrases to describe what we see, smell, taste, feel and hear we get to eat all of the popcorn.

Nothing better than a yummy lesson in the middle of the week!

Looking for some popcorn themed materials to go with this lesson? HERE is a link to a popcorn ELA and Math centers.


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