Teaching About Verbs

     I have a confession...I haven't always used labels and vocabulary that the regular education classes use when I teach. While I have always worked on the concepts I frequently left off or "watered down the label". For example, instead of saying we were learning about verbs or asking a kiddo to label the verb, I would talk about action words. No more! This school year I have been working on using the correct labels and WOW have my students proved me wrong! They are doing such a good job of picking up the words. YAY!!! 
     So here we are learning about actions verbs.... :D

First we read a Winter Verbs book together. We took turns labeling the verb on each page. We also acted out some of the verbs. 

We worked on matching sentences with verbs to picture cards that went with the sentences. 

Tip: Not all of my students are readers, but they are work on actions and verbs. Some of the students had to read the sentence and find the matching picture. Other students had to receptively identify the labeled verb by choosing the correct picture from a field of 4. Lots of different ways to modify and differentiate the verbs lesson for all levels of students.

We finished by reading the sentences as a group. 

Afterwards, we acted out the verb pictures. The class LOVED it!!

Click HERE to get a closer look at the visuals we used to practice verbs.

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