Team building and Behavior

    How does your class do at recess? Lately my class has been struggling with the unstructured time. Their behaviors have increased- especially during outside recess. 
    My students are generally well behaved in my classroom with all of our supports and structure, but when they get outside in the wide open space they seem to be forgetting all of the rules and how to stay in control of their bodies. 

To help my kiddos keep their bodies in control and work as a team I have added this recess incentive. Every time the class returns to the room with a good behavior report they earn a circle with a letter on it. When the class has earned all of the letters they get an extra recess! We've spent a lot of time talking about what they need to do as individuals as well as what they should do if they see a friend struggling. We are off to a good start!

Special ed tip: Since some of my students aren't yet readers we colored this set of letters yellow. The set that velcros on to the yellow letters are white. This helps students of all levels visualize how many more letters the class needs to earn before the extra recess.
Do you have a similar system? I would love to hear what you do. Leave a comment!


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