Word families and more!

It is so EASY to differentiate and work on word families in a class where not everyone is ready to read yet! 
I have a group of students that are still working on letters and letter sounds, but I don't want to leave them out of our ELA group. We start out by making words for the word family on the chalkboard.

To make this list I hold up an index card with a letter on it. As I go around the room some students have to tell me the letter or letter sound (the kiddos who can't read yet) and some have to blend the letters into the word. None of the students realize that not everyone is working on word families and everyone can be successful!

After we make and read our word family list we break up into small groups. One group works on writing the words in the word family without a model. 
After writing the list of words they have to come up with and write a sentence for each word. 

Another group is working on an interactive book. 
Students have to label a picture, build the word, write the word and then color the picture according to my 1 to 2 step verbal direction. 

The third group is for the kiddos that are still working on letters and letter sounds. They are working on an interactive letter notebook.

Special Ed Tip: This bottom activity is perfect for students working on visual scanning.

To wrap up the whole lesson we do a write the room word family activity. 

We used this set, but you can save money with the BUNDLE.

This set is already differentiated for you! There is a recording sheet where students only need to trace the word and another sheet where students need to write the word independently. These are the words we found:

We do this every week with a different word family. 
We would love to hear what you do for word families!

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