Beat the Winter Blues!

Keeping kiddos focused during the long winter months can be challenging especially when the weather keeps them inside. Here are 2 fun and easy sensory based activities that have been huge hits with my classroom.

The first is super easy and Mother Nature provides everything you need! Just fill a few sensory bins or rubbermaid totes with clean snow from outside. 

Some of my students are hesitant at first to touch the snow, but once you get their hands in you can't get them out!! Students had so much fun building mini snowmen, making snow balls, etc. 

Ready for a warmer activity? Oobleck to the rescue! 

We didn't follow a specific recipe for this. We just kept adding water until the consistency seemed right. Keep stirring the mixture until the goo feels good.

Now you are ready to play! Don't forget to mix in some science with a discussion about how the solid turns into a liquid when you hold it in your hand.

Please share with us if you have a fun way to beat the winter blues!
Stay warm!!

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