Generalizing skills with Interactive Books

Finding ways to get my students to practice and generalize their skills is always on my mind. It is especially important in my special education classroom. My kiddos don't always naturally generalize or carry over skills to other activities, materials and settings. Interactive books are the perfect way to integrate skills from many different domains. Here are some of my favorite interactive books...

Mandy over at A Special Kind Of Class has a great selection of interactive books. The one pictured above is from her store. Mandy includes 3 different levels of books in her set. Last year my class would have been better suited to the level 1 books, but this year's class can handle level 3. I LOVE a set that includes different levels so I don't have to spend extra money.

With this book we worked on counting, number identification, attending skills, following verbal directions, etc. Students had to ask for a turn which hit on requesting, too. 

We were even able to connect our word family work into the book!
Click here to see the details of the frog set.

You can check out this book here. Mandy has updated the set since I made my copy so it is even better now!

Another class favorite is the 5 Little Monkeys!

You can check out the monkey set here or save money with the bundle HERE.

Do you use interactive books in a different way? Please comment so we can all learn!

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