Snowman Pancakes: Great book extension activity

We have been reading lots of books about snowmen in the classroom and in the library. One of my teaching assistants came up with this fantastic extension activity. It was SOOOO much fun!!

First, the class had to make pancakes. We talked about the different sizes we would need and how many of each size we would have to make for the snowmen. Next, we brainstormed items for decorating the snowmen. 

It was interesting to see the choices the students made for decorating. Some were minimalists while others found a way to add all of the different items. 

They came up with some great ideas! To take this activity one step further you could have students write about the snowman they made using descriptive words, have them write a step by step tutorial on how to make a pancake snowman or have them write an adventure for their snowman to go on. The possibilities are endless!

Have fun!

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