Valentine Blog Hop: A Whole Month of Goodies

Today is all about Valentine's Day! This holiday is the perfect time to practice skills we work on every day in a real life setting. This is the perfect time to highlight why we need to read and write.

Two weeks before our Valentine's Day party, I send a note home to families letting them know that students are expected to fill out their Valentine's Day cards themselves. I include a list of student names in a font and print size that all of my students can read. 

I recommend that families use construction paper cut into half or fourths (depends on the student's writing ability) instead of buying the cards....they are too tiny! Bonus: students can draw or add stickers to the paper for more fine motor practice!!

On the day of the party students take turns delivering their cards. 

You can have students deliver to labeled mailboxes or to the person directly. I tend to do mailboxes so that multiple people can be delivering cards at the same time. 

Once all of the cards have been delivered we have our party and open the cards. Students practice reading the cards and thanking the person who gave it to them. Party day doesn't have to be a wasted day!!

Looking for Valentine's Day resources?

This Interactive Valentine's Day books are perfect for hands on learners that need practice with labeling, matching, answering questions, building attention and number skills. Phew! There is a LOT packed into these books!!

This set has 4 different centers in this set that can be used in February. There is one center for each of these skills: verbs, digraphs, one to one correspondence and tens frames work.

Here is a FREEBIE for all of my awesome readers.... Click HERE to get the Valentine's Day set below for free.

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