What's in the bag?

Here is a super simple idea to help students improve their language skills and writing skills. Best of all...No Prep!!

What's in the bag is a spin off from our show and tell. When we do show and tell in my classroom students have to give clues about their item and the rest of the class takes turns guessing or asking questions for more information. 

For this activity students hide their snack item in the brown bag. They need to use good descriptors so the class can guess what their snack is. Not only does this build language skills, but it is a great time to talk about using these adjectives in their writing to make it more interesting. Details in texts help readers get a picture in their mind, so we need to give students many opportunities to practice these skills in a variety of ways. 

If you have a small class you could do one day where everyone gets a turn to give clues about their snack. If you have a larger class you could always pick 3 or 4 kids to go once a week. 

Have fun!

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