Community Helpers Kick Off!

This week was the start of our unit on community helpers. We've been reviewing who is a community helper and what they do. We have also been discussing what objects they need to do their job, where they do it, etc. With my kiddos they learn best when a theme goes across all subjects.

We worked on reading skills, reading for information and following multi-step directions with these books (above).

The kiddos found these file folder activities in their work task boxes. Students work on them alone to build attending skills and independence while generalizing the skills and facts we have been working on in groups.

I like to sneak in learning with games! Students don't notice that they are learning when they are having so much fun!!

I have students of different ages and levels in my class, so these leveled BINGO games are perfect! The only things that are different is the clue cards, so no one notices if a friend is working on a different level.

If you are interested, all of the materials I used can be found here.

This week we mix in some St. Patrick's Day for fun!


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