Map skills

When do you work on map skills with your class? We cover the skill twice a year. We first introduce it in September during our all about me unit. We begin with learning our personal addresses and then move on to our town and state.

Another great time to work on map skills is during your community helper unit. We begin with a simple craft like this traffic light project.

This craft gets us talking about streets, traffic lights, where you drive to or from, etc. From there we branch out to map skills. Together as a class we mark up a map with pictures of our houses and where they are located on a map.

This is also a great time to work on learning to say, spell and write your address. Being able to answer specific answers about where you live are crucial life skills that we have to teach through targeted instruction. For my students the best way to work on map skills is when it naturally fits into our themes and topics.

Have a great idea about how or when to teach map skills? Leave your idea in the comment section!

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