Quiet Time in The Special Ed Classroom

Parents of my kiddos often tell me about how difficult bedtime is in their house. I hear many stories of how parents spend HOURS trying to wrangle their child into bed. 

The problem isn't bedtime, the problem is that these children don't know how to calm and quiet their bodies. They are being asked to do things they don't know how to do. Here are some tips for teaching kiddos how to quiet their bodies.

Every day for 15 to 20 minutes we have quiet time in my classroom. During this time we turn half of the lights off & play music that research has shown to be helpful for students with autism. 
(Our OT has the original)

Students are allowed to rest laying down or sitting up as long as they are quiet. 

We also roll the large therapy ball on students to give them calming input.

At the beginning of the year quiet time isn't what you might call quiet! Students need to practice this daily to learn how to be quiet and calm. Usually within a month not only is it quiet, but students look forward to this time!

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