Weekly wrap up in pictures!

We have had a very busy week. We are in the middle of our dental health unit and we celebrated our 100th day of school. Busy, but fun!

First we celebrated our 100th day by doing 100 physical activities. We picked 10 motor activities and did them each 10 times to help us with counting by tens. 

We did all sorts of fun motor tasks like bouncing on a therapy ball 10 times, throwing balls, twisting, frog jumps, etc. The kiddos had so much fun they didn't notice that they were practicing their skills from PT!

Then we worked on what it means to brush and floss. To help us practice I cut off the bottom of soda bottles and painted the inside white. When you turn them upside down they look similar to our molars.
(They look whiter in real life)

First we practiced flossing:

Then we worked on brushing with tooth paste before rinsing with water.

How do you bring the dental health unit to life for your students?
I would love to hear from you!

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