Learning with your craft stash- Pom Poms

Today I linking up with Kim from Life Over C's. Kim is hosting a new 21 days of Learn With Your Craft Stash. Today is all about pom-poms and ratios.

First, students sort the items into similar groupings. For example, all of the green pom-poms or all of the big pom-poms. 

Next, have students count up the items in each group.

Have the students write the number of each grouping with a little space in between them. This is where we introduce the colon symbol and what we say when we talk about it. 

Add the colon to the ratio sentence and practice reading it. 

Once students begin to understand the concept, move on to adding in other items you have on hand. This will help students learn to generalize the skill quickly. 

Tip: Save paper by using a white board to write the ratio sentences. Use an old sock or rag to clean the white board which can be washed and reused.

Other ideas for pom poms:

*Making sets- students count out and match a set to a given number

*Sorting- sort by color or size

*Measuring- take turns tossing or blowing pom poms across the table or floor and then measure the distance

Have I mentioned the best part of using pom poms in math centers?! They are SILENT!! I love using a variety of manipulatives in math centers, but I especially love how pom poms don't add any extra noise level to our classroom!

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