Learning with your craft stash- Straws

Today I am linking up with Kim over at Life Over C's to highlight different ways to use regular craft supplies to enhance learning. I will be linking up with her several times throughout the month. Each blog post will feature a different craft item.

Today is all about learning with straws. Straws are cheap and easy to use for lots of different learning. 

You can easily target multiple domains with straws. Build fine motor skills by having students prep or cut the materials for you.
Once the straws are cut you can work on sorting by color or sequencing by size. 

Moving beyond making sets to higher level skills with the same straws is easy to do.

Work on other skill areas with the straws:

*Fine motor: after you are done with using the straws for math lessons move them to the fine motor center and have students string them together. If you have students with fine motor delays have them use pipe cleaners to string the straws. Pipe cleaners have more stability and are more easily pushed through.

*Oral motor: Have students move cotton balls across the table by blowing through straws. Students will have fun while strengthening their lips and cheeks. Add in some math by measuring how far students are able to blow the cotton ball.

I hope you have learned some new ways to use straws. Make sure you check out other posts in the link-up by clicking HERE.

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