The EASIEST Math Center!

Today I am once again linking up with Kim from Life Over C's to highlight ways to use leftover art supplies to enhance learning. Today is all about index cards and a hole punch.  This math center is SUPER easy to use and to differentiate.

The options are limitless!

1.) Pre-printed index cards: Student picks an index card that has a number written on it and then makes that many holes in the card.

2.) Student writes & punches the number: Student rolls dice, picks a number or writes a dictated number on the card. The student then makes that many holes with the hole punch.

3.) Work on adding: Give students an addition sentence written on an index card. Student has to make the two sets of holes and then add them all up for the answer.

You could do these same activities using scrap paper, leftover tagboard, paper plates, etc. The possibilities are endless! Keep in mind, though, students with fine motor delays are going to have the best success with materials that don't flop around, but aren't too thick. 

Hope you have learned some new ideas for an easy center. Make sure you hop over to Life Over C's to see all the different ways to use craft materials to teach.

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