Using Stickers to Teach Math!

Hi friends! Today I am once again linking up with Kim from Life Over C's to bring you ideas on how to use extra craft supplies to enhance learning. Today is all about stickers!

There are LOTS of math skills you can practice while using stickers, but today I am going to talk about three. The skill levels in my classroom vary greatly, so simple materials that can easily be differentiated are key.

Some of my students are still working on being able to consistently make simple sets. This is a crucial math and life skill, so we practice it many different ways and with a variety of materials.

For this activity I simply cut scrap paper into quarters and wrote a number on the top using marker. Students then had to peel and apply stickers accordingly. The student in the photo below has fine motor delays, so he is using larger stickers to make his sets. 

Examples of the finished product:

Once my students can consistently make sets we move on to addition. Here the student is using stickers to create his sets before adding them all together.

He then counts up ALL of the stickers:

Finally, he writes his answer.

Stickers can also be used as another way to complete Venn diagrams. In this example, the student needed to sort shiny and red stickers.

All three of these activities are low prep and only require materials most people have on hand. 

I hope you have gained some new ideas on using stickers. Be sure to check out the rest of the blogs linking up with Kim by clicking HERE.

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