Holy cow...it's the end of the year!!

I can't believe that the school year is coming to an end! We still have to make it to the end of June in NY, but the end of the year stress is building. You know that feeling...the one that comes when your to-do list gets longer than the hours in your day. Ahh! 

Teachers aren't the only ones who start to feel the stress at the end of the year. It is especially hard to keep students focused. What do you do to keep your students engaged?

I try to build in more movement and novel activities. For example, we have a special activity each day for the last 20 days of school. I hang up 20 balloons with a secret activity inside. We take turns popping the balloons and sharing the activity with the rest of the class. 

Every year our secret activities are different. I tailor them to the current set of kiddos. This year's class is in LOVE with playdough, so that will be in one of the balloons. I generally set aside about 20 minutes a day to pop the balloon and complete the secret activity. 

Another way to keep students engaged at the end of of the year is to build in more opportunities to move. Here is a list of some of the activities I work in...

*Write the room- this activity can work with any topic or theme your classroom is working on

*Sensory bin centers- there are a million different things to do with a sensory bin. It can even be as simple as having to find the materials needed to complete a center in the sensory bin. Even though the center is the same, you have added a novel factor. 

*Add movement to your centers

How do you keep students engaged and activities fresh?

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