Holy Moly! Amazing deals!!

I am so excited to be going to my first TPT meet-up and we don't want any of you to be left out of the fun! We have each marked one item down to only a dollar. All you need to do is enter TPTFLOCK into the search box on Teachers Pay Teachers to check out all of our dollar deals. These deals are only available today, Saturday May 2, 2015, so hurry!

My dollar deal is my Monster Math Mats.
These mats are wonderful for creating a visual when learning to add. 

Students use manipulatives to add up the two different sets and then show the answer as a tens frame. A variety of manipulatives can be used with the mats. Most of the time I use counters, place value blocks or pom poms. You could also use dry erase markers or any other manipulatives you have on hand. 

Enjoy the fantastic dollar deals. Remember these deals are only available on Saturday May 2, 2015. Don't miss out!!

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