Sped Blog Hop...All about Scheduling!

Today I am linking up with Kyle at Kinder Sped Adventures for week 1 of a 5 week blog hop devoted to special ed. This week is all about scheduling.

Scheduling in any classroom is a big deal, but in the sped room it is HUGE!! Here are a few things I try to think about before I even work on my first draft of a schedule (yes, there are many drafts!!). 

1.) My students need movement, so I try to alternate an activity that has students sitting with one that has them moving. For example, we do direct teaching for an hour (sitting) and then we have snack & math centers (moving). 

2.) Are there students on a sensory diet? If so, I need to build in time for students to complete the sensory activities.

3.) Are there times I want therapists to push in or pull certain students out of. There are times I have students with many complex allergies, so I plan to have those students in a therapy while the rest of the class does a cooking activity.  

Next, I start filling in my blank schedule. First, I add the activities I have no control over such as lunch, music, P.E., etc. Then I start adding in subjects or activities I have to provide (i.e. direct instruction for math, reading, etc.). I finish by filling in the activities that I feel my students need, but aren't necessarily required (i.e. structured play, language based groups, etc.).

Scheduling with Therapists: 

While I love my therapists DEARLY, scheduling all of the therapy my students get can be a nightmare. Not all hope is lost, though! Here is the system that works for ME.

I use the same scheduling grid as I do for classroom activities. Then as students are scheduled I write their initials in that block along with the type of therapy. For example, if Jane Doe is going to be at physical therapy I write "JD-PT". If I have 2 therapists for one domain I add their first initial after their title. For example, if PT Julianne was taking Jane Doe instead of PT Michelle, I would write "JD-PTJ" 

This system makes it so easy when you are scheduling multiple therapies for students. With this system you never have to look up if a student is available at that time or not. It also eliminates double booking a student. 

Do you have any scheduling secrets that work well??? We would love to hear them. Please leave a comment on this post, so we can all learn from each other!

The Bender Bunch

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  2. I like how you plan out your schedules. This would work for me, besides the usual OT, speech, and PE, I also have to schedule in whole group behavior therapy and individual therapy for my students. It is always changing for the first month (at least) so your way would be great to write in schedules. Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Special Kids

    1. The first month is crazy and I redo the schedule at least 3 times!

  3. There are so many pieces to fit in a schedule! You've done a great job finding a way that works for you. I like that you remember to add your therapists in there, because so many times they get left to the end and then you have to rework the whole schedule again.
    Mrs. H's Resource Room

    1. Thanks! My kiddos get a lot of therapy, so that's a big chunk of our scheduling.
      Thanks for hopping through!!

  4. What a wonderful point to include the need for movement into the schedule! Love your process for creating the schedule.
    Autism Classroom News

  5. I love the way you schedule therapies! Especially being in pencil, cause we KNOW those times are changin'! Haha..I might have to use that idea next year! :)
    Kayla of My Special Learners

  6. I love how you stressed the importance of sensory needs and the need for movement! These are so important for some of our little ones!