I am SOOO excited to be attending the TPT conference this year! This will be my first time in Vegas and I couldn't leave without all of you joining in on the fun! So surprise! My entire STORE will be on sale July 9th through the 10th. 

This is a great time to stock up on materials for the beginning of the school year! Here are some of my favorites...

The Blending Sounds Fluency & Comprehension Pack is perfect for helping students to move beyond individual sounds. The sliding arrow is very helpful to illustrate how to quickly blend/say the sounds together to create the word. To finish, students match the picture and the word to ensure comprehension.

The Read and Do Playdoh mats come in a money savings BUNDLE or you can buy each season separately:  Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

The best deal by far, though, is the Comprehension Sheets Bundle. There are currently 10 different comprehension sets included. Every time I add 2 new sets the price increases slightly. Snatch up your best deal now and get all of the updates for FREE!!

Happy shopping and SAVING!! Click HERE to grab all of the deals.

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