Clearing Visual Distractions

Thinking about getting your classroom ready? It's important to think about  how our decor and storage impacts student's being able to attend and focus. 

In my self-contained classroom, my students are all highly distractable. It can be very difficult to regain their attention once attention to task has been broken. A couple years ago I started really taking a look at my classroom set up and decor to see if there were any parts I could tweak to eliminate visual distractions. That's when I noticed this...

For ME, this was a great space for my program. All of these glorious containers keep my sensory materials contained and organized. The problem? It was very distracting for my students. To them it was a whole bunch of stuff that they love to "play" with and aren't allowed to. No worries!! There is a simple solution!!

I spray painted the plastic bins two years ago and it is holding up SOOO well! Here is a picture of it now....2 years later.

How do you clear out visual clutter?

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