Learning Games for Language Development

The back to school season is a great time to use learning games to practice and assess students' levels in a fun setting. My class particularly enjoys BINGO games, motor games and fine motor games with props.

This fall BINGO set is one of our favorites. Students play it in a small group. They take turns picking a card for the "announcer" to read to them. After the student guesses which picture the question is talking about, the announcer shows the card to the student to see if it is correct. Everyone in the group then covers the correct picture. 

Another favorite type of learning game is write the room. My kiddos LOVE getting out of their seats to search for clues with over-sized magnifying glasses. 

We do these write the room activities regularly. The bottom photo is from the alphabet set. The top right set is from our word families units. All of these activities offer the students a fun way to learn and develop better language skills. After students have found all of the items, you can specifically work on language skills. To do this, I gather the pictures that the students found and ask questions such as, "What is an animal with whiskers?" or "Which one is a food?" These questions target feature, function and class of the words students found. 

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