Making Prepositions Come To Life

Prepositions can be very difficult for students with language based disabilities to understand. It can be a little too abstract for them. That led us to brainstorm different ways to teach prepositions in hopes that at least one of the activities would click for our kiddos. 

We decided to integrate prepositions throughout the school days and across tasks and lessons. In language group we read a book about prepositions and then did an interactive book together.

Next, we work on an interactive booklet. Depending on the student's ability, he can write or glue the answer in. 

During intensive teaching and speech therapy, we use manipulatives and pictures to work on prepositions both receptively and expressively.

We use these picture cards to work on prepositions both receptively and expressively. For example, when we are working on receptive identification, I would show my student(s) a field of 2 or 3 pictures and ask him to give me the one that shows under. We also work on these skills with using manipulatives. We usually use a sorting cup and counting bears. Students have to receptively demonstrate comprehension by moving the cup and bear correctly when told a preposition. Staff also takes turns moving the cup and bear so students can also practice labeling the prepositions. 

During work tasks and fine motor times, students work on preposition puzzles. Have students label the prepositions to staff prior to cleaning up. This targets receptive and expressive understanding. 

During structured play, we work on prepositions through games. A great game to practice prepositions is musical chairs. When a chair has to be taken away ask a student to move it using one of the preposition words you are targeting. For example, "Move the chair next to your desk." or "Put the chair between the wall and table." You can go a further step and ask one of the other students to tell you where the peer moved the chair. 

We have had the most success with attacking prepositions from all angles. This All About Prepositions pack has been incredibly helpful for my students.

Have another way to work on prepositions? Tell us about it in the comments!

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