Work Task Boxes- September

We have only been back to school for 7 days, but work task boxes are up and running! Have you tried them in your class yet? I L-O-V-E them! They are the perfect way to practice and increase independence skills with students. Read more about that HERE and HERE.

The first couple weeks of school are geared to getting to know the students and build a relationship with them. This doesn't mean it should be play all day long! Sticking to the structure and the year long schedule, we begin with fun and easy tasks that we gradually up the difficulty on. 

Most of my class was with me last year, so for those students we begin with work tasks that they were able to do with ease last year. Always start with known tasks and high reinforcement. This will help establish instructional control. Once instructional control is established and the student has a better understanding of the work/reinforcement schedule you should begin increasing the rigor.

Here are the activities that we have started with during task boxes time...

This is a great task for students working on using two hands or the pincer grasp.

Reuse food containers to create simply "put in" tasks. This is an oatmeal container that we cut a slot into. To increase the rigor of this activity you could cut 2 or 3 slots into the top and then color code the slots. Have students put the chips into the correct color slot.

Stringing tasks are another great way to work on using two hands together, patterning and strengthening fine motor skills.

This stamping task targets one to one correspondence and visual motor skills. This task can easily be made to fit the current holiday....simply make the stamp and ink match the season or holiday.

File folder tasks make fantastic work tasks and can cover many different skill areas. This file folder works on letters, matching and sequencing.

Check out Autism Classroom Resources for more work task ideas!


  1. Thanks so much for linking up Pam! I think I have used that file folder before! :) And I love the ruler with the clothespins! What a great idea to up the skill to have to use 2 hands!

    1. Thanks for hosting the link up!! I love finding new work task ideas!

  2. I LOVE the stamp activity!! Will be sharing this with my teachers for sure!!

    1. It is such an easy work task! You can vary the sizes of the boxes and stamps to change with the skill level, too.