Building Movement Into Your Classroom

Have you ever noticed how much better students attend and participate when movement is involved? Study after study has proven how children need to move, yet education is becoming more sedentary. Gross motor can be easy to build into your day!

Here is an easy way to work on vocabulary, categories and verbal directions. We took the language concepts cards from our Apple & Pumpkin Sped Unit and hid them around the room.

Next, we set up spots for students to sort the pictures that they find into. My current class can handle this set up, but other years we have needed to set up baskets with picture labels. Picture labels can also be found in the unit set that we used. 

To build up some excitement, we told the kiddos to cover their eyes while we set up the cards. They were so excited when they collected the cards.

Once everyone had found 5 to 6 cards, we took turns coming up to the front label and sort the cards. 

The great thing about using these cards is the students have to label and sort different pictures of the item. This teaches students to be flexible in their thinking about an item. 

Included on every sheet of the language cards are suggestions for different ways to label or think about the pictures. For this gross motor sort, we only worked on sorting by the name of the vehicle. Here is what it looked like when we were finished:

Want to learn more ideas and tips for getting students moving? Read: Put research Into Practice By Building In Movement.

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