Fire Safety Sensory Tasks

We have been have TONS of fun with fire safety sensory and motor activities!!! We have practiced "Get low & GO!" by crawling under a cloud of smoke (AKA a fleece blanket.) 

We also took turns being the firefighter who had to shoot out the flames at the water table. We used THESE CARDS to work on sorting hot/cold, practice numbers and work on upper and lower case letters. This, by far, was the kiddos favorite center! They loved getting to use the squirt bottles so much, they never even noticed all of the skills work we were getting in!

We also had to find all of the pieces to these Fire Safety Interactive Books in the sensory bin. We filled the sensory bucket with red and yellow shredded paper, petals from fake flowers and shiny beads first and then hid the book pieces.

This activity really targeted matching, finding items with messy backgrounds and attending. Afterwards, when we read the book together and moved the pieces accordingly, we also targeted expressive and receptive language. Here is a post on getting the most out of interactive books.

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