Halloween Task Box Activities

Are your kiddos super excited for Halloween?! Here are some easy ways to tap into that excitement during work task box time. You can easily and inexpensively add holiday themes to task boxes. 

Sorting: We used holiday erasers from the dollar spot in Target to create this simply work task. Instead of using words or pictures, we used large foam shaped pumpkins and ghosts to give the students a spot to sort onto. 

Eye hand coordination & One to one correspondence can be practiced with this 97 cent stamp set! We found this stamp set in Walmart's holiday section. All you need is a piece of paper divided into squares. Students have to stamp one time per square. This activity can easily be modified for the needs of your students by making the squares bigger or smaller. 

Here is another sorting task that requires students to sort across four labels. The student is sorting more erasers found in the Target dollar spot. To modify this activity, you could have pictures on the word cards. You could also use pictures without words as the sorting labels. 

Work on patterning with these rubber Halloween shaped items. These manipulatives were also found in the dollar spot at Target (have I mentioned how much I LOVE target?!?!) We used these manipulatieves to work on extending patterns, copying patterns and making our own patterns. You could also use them to practice making sets.

Students had to demonstrate addition skills with this task box activity. Students had to sort addition cards onto the correct cave.  You can find the addition materials by clicking HERE. You could also use these mats and addition cards in a math center. To modify this task, increase or decrease the number of addition cards and the amount of caves that the student will sort. 

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