Fine Motor Work Tasks

Don't you love it when you can find fine motor tasks that challenge and motivate students?!?! These two tasks are doing just that for my class!

The first activity we introduced was the smiley tennis ball. To prep the tennis ball, draw a smiley face with a black sharpie on the tennis ball and then cut a slit where the mouth is drawn.  Afterwards, gather small manipulatives to insert into the ball. We use small erasers which are easy to change out for seasonal and holiday erasers. 

First, students have to squeeze the sides of the ball with one hand and pick up the small eraser with the other hand. 

Next, students insert the eraser into the mouth and then use their finger to push it into the ball. 

To increase the difficulty, you can use larger manipulatives or make the mouth smaller. 

The second task we introduced was the dropper task which I found on Pinterest from Tot School.
It is very easy to prep and adapt. To prep the task, simply draw circles on wax paper using a sharpie marker. Next, gather a dropper and cup of water. That's it! 

Students need to use the dropper to get water from the cup and then carefully squeeze one drop of water in each circle. 

As you can see, it takes some practice to get the drops of water the same size and completely in the circle. It was hard work for my kiddos, but they LOVED it!!

You could change the difficulty of this task by making the circles bigger or smaller. You could also change the number of circles the student needs to fill. Build up endurance by slowly adding more circles.  After the task has been completed, air dry the wax paper to reuse it. Our circles didn't smudge or wipe away.

As a side note....the class really enjoyed seeing what happens when you try to pick the wax paper up to dry it off.  All of the water droplets that they put in the circle slid together to make one giant circle of water. 

I'm linking up with Chris from Autism Classroom Resources. Be sure and check out the other work tasks highlighted this month by clicking HERE.

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