November Work Tasks

I am linking up with Christine from Autism Classroom Resources for Workbasket Wednesday. 
Here are some of the new tasks we have been working on. This time of year is perfect for the food unit. We work on trying and eating new foods since the holiday season is full of celebrations and foods. These activities are from our food pyramid unit.

We have been working on sorting by size. 

This student is able to work with a bigger field, so he is sorting across little, medium and big. This activity can easily be made easier by taking out the middle section. We do this for our students who get easily overwhelmed with too many choices.  
Here is how it looked when he was done sorting:

We have also been working on length with these sizing tasks. Again, the rigor can be changed by decreasing or increasing the amount of cards the student is working with.

The last work task we added this past week was the patterning task. Students are given patterning cards with a blank at the end of the card. Students choose the picture that completes the pattern and places it in the empty box.

The student above has only a few choices of possible answers to choose from.

In this picture, the student has a more challenging pattern to complete and more pictures to choose the answer from. 

There are many patterning cards, picture choices and distractor cards included in this set, so it is very easy to adapt to the needs of your students. 

Make sure you head over to Christine's Workbasket Wednesday post to see other ideas for work tasks.

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