Developing A Better Understanding Of Number Concepts

Do you have students who aren't yet able to demonstrate consistent number concepts? If so, read of for tips on helping students develop better understanding of numbers.

number concepts- tens frames- making sets- number mats

After watching my students struggle to fully understand and demonstrate number concepts despite daily practice during direct instruction, I made these mats for the students. Every day at morning meeting, we have a special number of the day. We pick the number of the day in a variety of ways. Sometimes we use the day of the month. For example, if today is January 19th, then 19 might be the number of the day. Other times, we randomly pick a number we haven't worked on in awhile and sometimes we let the students pick the number. Once we have picked the number, we writing it in the box on the mat. 

I complete a mat along with the class. Here is an example of what mine looks like at the end of the activity:

number mat- all about the number- tens frames- making sets

In my class, we do this activity together. If your students are able, you could use this as a work task or for students that finish early.

One thing I have noticed, my students become a little rigid in how they complete their mats if you don't change things up fairly regularly. For example, don't let students use the same shape or picture every day when they make the set.

making sets- number mats- number concepts

Have students that aren't able to write or draw? No problem! They can use stamps or glue on pictures to make the sets. There are also different pieces included in the Number Mats Set for non-writers to glue on. 

tens frame- number mat

Here is one of the mats my student completed:

number mat- number concepts- tallying- tens frame

This set also includes different colored number mats. If you are looking for more opportunities for students to practice making requests, I would suggest laminating the colored boards that students can request the mat they want. 

My students really like these number mats and we have seen students become more consistent in their ability to show and think about numbers in a variety of ways. Win!

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