Reinforce Reading Skills With This Classroom Job

With added focus on integrating the core curriculum it is even more important to find little ways to reinforce and generalize reading skills. One of my new classroom jobs (on the  job chart) is being the "Door sign helper." 

The "Door sign helper" has to fill out the sign that goes on the outside of our classroom door whenever the whole class is in a different part of the building. 
Not all of my students are readers, so I created a system which incorporates different reading levels in it. Here is the board used for my whole class. It has Velcro attached to the back in order for the student to easily hang it up on the classroom door.

We have a card and a picture for every place we go...

The words are the main focus of the cards since the ultimate goal is for all of the students to become readers. The pic syms or pictures are attached to the cards by Velcro so they can be removed when the student no longer requires visual cues in order to read the card.

Here are what the boards look like when put up by the student (non-reader)....

This is what it looks like when a student who can read has the job:

I hang the word/picture cards next to the door to help speed up the process. I started this towards the end of last year and the class LOVED it! A few of the kids were able to read all of the words by the end of the school year.

Till next time!

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