Vroom, Vroom....Off for transportation fun!

transportation-vocabulary-write the room- craft-writing

To say my student love the transportation thematic unit would be an understatement! It feeds right into their interests which leads to less prompting for attending...WIN! We are right in the middle of the unit and having lots of fun.

We started by reviewing the first half of  the transportation word wall cards
Vocabulary-transportation unit-sentences

We talk about the words and what we know about each. Next, we take turns picking one of the cards, labeling it and coming up with a sentence. This is a great time to practice sentence structures, capitals, punctuation and spelling. Then, to keep everyone participating, I usually pick a different friend to underline the word we were talking about. 

We learned a song about traffic lights and then completed this super cute craft to decorate the bulletin board around the song.


This craft gave us lots of practice with fine motor and sequencing skills.

One of my class' favorite activities to do (for every theme!) is write the room. They like it because they can move all around the room and they can use different props like a giant magnifying glass. I like it because it gets the students moving and writing in different positions.

We have to write on vertical surfaces:

write the room activity- writing on vertical surfaces

Down low with more pressure on their joints:

write the room-transportation theme
So many options!!

We also have 4 Transportation Interactive Books that we are reading. This one is my favorite. 

Interactive book- transportation unit- hands on learning

Here is a peek inside the book:

The class really enjoys them and how much they get to participate. As we are reading this book, we work on labeling the vehicle and place it goes, matching and answering questions. We also expand on it with questions like, "Tell me another vehicle that goes in the sky." 
If you need ideas on how to use interactive books click HERE.

During work task boxes time, we have been working with these tasks to reinforce our skills:

To work on word families....
word family sort- rhyming

To work on number concepts...
transportation- clip cards- counting- one to one correspondence

To work on ordering by size...
ordering by size- sizing activities- transportation unit

Other skills we are covering with this theme include tens frames, measuring, reading, sight words, counting, vocabulary, matching definitions, sorting, etc. You can see all of the materials we will be using by clicking HERE.

What is your favorite activity to do for the transportation unit?

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