Hands On Lesson On Body Parts

Create a hands on lesson on body parts with this magnetic leprechaun from the dollar store. With the magnetic pieces we were able to target vocabulary, reading and spelling during our body parts unit. Such fun!

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Last weekend while I was at the dollar store, I found a build your own leprechaun! I was so excited because it fit right in to our unit on body parts. I started by putting it up on our small group white board so the students could see what the finished product would look like. Next, we reviewed our body parts vocabulary words:

The students began by taking turns requesting and labeling the different body parts of the leprechaun. We also worked on answering questions about the body parts such as, "What body part is the leprechaun holding the pot of gold with?" "What is something else you could hold with your hand?"

Once the leprechaun was all back together, we worked on labeling the body parts with a dry erase marker. Depending on the student's ability, some students copied the word, some had to write while a friend spelled the word for him and others had to spell by memory.

If you wanted to add in another requesting opportunity, you could have multiple dry erase markers available. That is what I had intended, but it turns out only one marker still had ink! #Teacherproblems

Here is what it looked like when we were all done:

Are you ready for St. Patrick's Day yet? We have been adding all sorts of festive items and activities into our day. We have a St. Patrick's Day sensory bin that we are using for math.

This sensory bin is filled with green rice, gold "nuggets" (AKA gold beads from Walmart!) and gold coins. We have been using this bin to work on math concepts. We have sorted the gold that we find by making one pile of little gold and one pile of big gold. We have also paired it with these leprechaun numbers to practice making sets. 

This FREE Leprechaun Math set comes with coins you can sort to practice number concepts. We have also been combining it with the sensory bin. The students have to find and count out the correct amount of gold for each leprechaun number. 

Since my class digs sensory bins so much, we also have a special sensory bin that students can choose to work for. All of my students use a work for strip that you can read more about by clicking HERE.

Have any hands on activities for the body parts unit or St. Patrick's Day? Share with us in the comments!

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