Dental Health Work Task Boxes

February is dental health month! This is the perfect time to add some dental health themed tasks into your work task boxes.

We work on a new theme every 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks we immerse students so they are constantly hearing the vocabulary over and over. We also add some themed work tasks to students' work boxes. Here are the dental health themed tasks my class is working on. These materials come from the Dental Health Special Ed. Unit. 

In the picture above, the student is working on being able to order dental mirrors from shortest to longest.

This student (below) is working on counting amounts in set, one to one correspondence and number identification. This student is also working on fine motor skills. If your students aren't able to do clothespins, you could also use a dry erase marker to circle the answer or put a paperclip on the correct number.

Some of my students have been sorting across three sizes. I love how this kiddo holds the cards side by side when he wasn't sure where to put the card. Great problem solving! You can change the rigor of this task by taking out the medium category and only have students sorting by big and little.

Students will also be working on number words and money skills, but somehow I missed getting pictures. Sorry!

All of the materials we are using are from the Dental Health Special Ed. Unit set. You can read more about what we are doing for the dental health unit and get a free sorting task by clicking HERE.

I am linking up with Christine over at Autism Classroom Resources for Workbasket Wednesday. Be sure and click HERE for more great posts about work tasks.


  1. oh my goodness!! you have so MANY amazing ideas and I don't even know how to get thru all of your site to read and learn from them all! I hope to utilize many of these tasks and I'm sure a million other things you describe on this page. I will DEFINITELY be following you! Thank you soooo much for the fantastic insight and resources.

    1. You are so sweet Lara! Let me know if you have any questions as you go along. You can leave a comment or email me directly:
      Happy reading!

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