3 Hands On Weather Unit Activities

Are you looking for hands on lessons for the weather unit that will keep your students engaged? Do you want ideas on how to integrate language, science and math into your weather unit? Here are 3 fun, hands on activities that will keep your students engaged while learning weather vocabulary and concepts.

3 Hands on Weather Activities

Here are 3 activities that my students have really enjoyed while we have been exploring our weather unit. Before doing these activities we had already been working on the weather vocabulary that we use in these activities. Here are the weather vocabulary cards that we have been using. You can get them HERE.

weather word wall cards

Weather Sort Sensory Bin

My students are working on sorting non-identical pictures and identifying weather in real photos and clip art in this first activity. To begin, I made a weather sensory bin by combining shredded blue paper, long yellow thistle blocks, tiny white balls and clear gems to represent different weather types. 

Weather sensory bin sort

Then, we hid the weather pictures in the weather sensory bin. We used real photos and clip art pictures. These cards are in THIS SET.

Students took turns finding a picture card, identifying the weather and then put it in the correct category. Here is what it looked like once they had found all of the cards that were hidden. 

We also do a sorting science center that is similar to this activity. We use the cards from the Science Sorting Centers

Weather sorting center for science

Weather Math Craft

We have been talking about clouds and where rain comes from in class. We combined that with math to get this math craft. We were able to stuff this activity full of learning! Students had to request the paper and paint to practice requesting and adjectives. Once they were given the addition sentence, students practiced identifying numbers, making sets and addition. They ended with writing the numbers. I don't know about you, but I love a lesson that allows me to cram so many skills into it!!

Color Upside Down

Towards the end of  the weather unit, I have students use all of the information they have used to draw a picture of a given weather type. 

Have you ever had your students color or draw upside down? It gives you a whole new perspective on their needs!!! Some of my students struggled with just getting their bodies down to the floor and in the right position. Other students had a really hard time coloring and drawing with their arms lifted above their bodies. On the up side, some of my students who usually dislike drawing loved doing it upside down. Sometimes you just need to change their perspective!

These 3 hands on weather activities helped my students make meaningful connections and helped them to learn and retain the information. Best news... these ideas can be easily applied to whatever topic you are doing!

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