Organization For Easy Planning

Do you struggle to find a system that makes it quick and easy to plan lessons? Here is a system that has made it so much easier to plan and gather all of the materials I need for my thematic unit lesson plans.

Lesson planning is made easy with this organizational system.

One of the questions I hear most is how do you do your lesson plans. Today, I am going to share the first thing I do to make writing your lesson plans easy. It's all about organizing and making the materials accessible. 

I try to start prepping materials a week and a half to two weeks ahead, if possible. I use themes in my classroom and each theme lasts 2 weeks. In my class, students need practice of the same skills over and over. To keep the materials fresh and engaging, I use thematic lesson planning. All of my theme resources can be found HERE.

 No matter when I plan my lessons I always run into the same problem....Where should I store the materials until I am ready for them?!?! I don't want to file them away only to get them out again, so I started a new EASY system.

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I use this divided basket to store materials for my current them and my upcoming theme. I have current theme resources in the front and upcoming resources in the back. The picture above shows some of the visuals that we will be using for this theme. As I prep the materials for our next theme, I stick them in the back of the basket.

Here's a look from above to see how they are divided:

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Now, when I am writing my lessons I just pull from this basket and move it to the daily folder I use for organizing the day's lessons. Here is what my daily lesson folders look like:

You can read about how I organize my daily materials by clicking HERE. After I have used the materials in a lesson, group, task, etc., I put them back in this basket. That way when the thematic unit is over, I can quickly put the unit away. 

Check out this post on how I organize  to get all of the prep done. Here is a post on what my lesson plans look like. 

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Lesson planning is made easy with this organizational system.

Do you have a quick and easy tip for lesson planning? Share it in the comments!!!


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  2. Do you have a sample of what units you cover each month? Kinda like a long-range plan?

    1. If you click the link for the thematic unit bundle, you can see the topics I cover during the year. In the description, there are links to each unit so you can get a closer look at the units.