Easiest Organization Tip For The Special Ed. Teacher

Sometimes it can feel like our special education classrooms have revolving doors! Often times, our students receive a lot of therapy and are pulled from the classroom multiple times a day. It can be overwhelming to try to keep track of all of the comings and goings on top of the millions of other hings we have to do in a day! Here is a super simple system to help you keep track...

No matter how organized I am, it is difficult to keep track of where everyone is going while trying to teach. A few years ago, I started using a system that gives me a quick visual if someone is out of the room. 
       On the back of my classroom door I hang this...

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Every student in my classroom has a clothespin with their name written on it with a sharpie marker. When a student leaves the classroom, he has to move his clothespin from the bottom to the correct card. We call this "check out."

Tip: If you have a visually impaired student, use a different colored or textured clothespin for that student. The same goes for a student with severe fine motor delays... use an over-sized clothespin.

Not only is this a great tool for me it also works on...
  • Discriminating your name in an array
  • Gives extra fine motor practice
  • Works on reading 

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