How To Keep Students Engaged At The End Of The Year

Seriously guys... the fourth quarter is HARD! Students are really struggling to keep focused and find routines to be fun. Teachers are STRESSED out! Here are some SIMPLE ideas to get students back on track and learning.

Make one element of the task or lesson be novel!

Changing just one thing can have a big impact for our kiddos. Here are some of the ways that i change an element:

         * Add in themed manipulatives

                      Example: Instead of using blocks or BINGO chips when practicing making sets, use plastic bugs during the insect unit or seeds during the plant unit.

        * Add in a motor component

                     Example: Students love to move!! They think their teacher has lost it when they are allowed to. It is easy to add in movement while keeping students learning. We do Write The Room activities for every theme. You can target reading and math with these activities AND you can work on motor planning and generalizing PT skills.... WIN!

        * Add in Playdoh

                The examples here are bottomless.  You can have students use playdoh to spell out their sight words, use balls of playdoh to practice making sets, use balls of playdoh when practicing subtraction, etc.

       * Add in a sensory component

                        Example, practice writing numbers, letters and words in shaving cream. Hide reading words, vocabulary, numbers and more in the sensory bin.

       * Add in interactive books

                          If you don't use interactive books in your classroom you are missing out!! Nothing captures my kiddos' attention quicker like the chance to get to move the pieces. You can teach math skills through interactive books, build language and more!

I hope these tips have sparked some ideas for you. Don't forget to add in some self-care activities for YOU! This can be a really stressful time of the year for teachers and we need to take care of ourselves so we have what it takes to help our students!

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