How To Target Reading And Language Development With Interactive Books

As you know, interactive books are my jam! I LOVE using interactive books to teach student all sorts of skills and concepts.... reading and commenting skills are no different! Here are a couple of quick videos on how I using interactive books to teach students how to read, to comment and practice object function and class.

We use direct instruction and discrete trials to teach my students sight words and beginning reading skills. We generally see good progress, but my students struggle with putting it all together in an actual text. These books are perfect for teaching students to use their skills in a fun and engaging format.

Check out my kiddo reading... this is the boy who came to my class ADAMANT that he was never going to be a reader and told me not to even bother trying! You should have seen his face when he watched this video of him READING!!! He said aloud that he was a reader now! Best teacher moment!!

The goodness isn't over! After students have finished reading the book, it is time to work on expanding your student's language. This video shows how we work on WH questions, object function, feature and classification. 

Many of these questions can be used with most interactive books. Make sure you are getting the most out of your interactive books!! 

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