Dental Health Lesson and a FREEBIE!

Dental health can be a hard concepts for students to understand. Help break down these vital life skills for your students with this hands on lesson. 

We have been having all sorts of fun learning about dental health. This is one of the lessons we did that incorporated movement into it. My kiddos are so much more engaged when I get them up and moving! There is lots of good research to support integrating movement and learning, so don't be afraid to try it with your class!

The first thing we did was a sort of foods that are good for our teeth versus foods that are bad for our teeth. We had a good discussion about cavities- what they are, how you get them, how to prevent them, etc. 

Next, I put all of the pictures in (random order) at one end of the room. On the other end I put the two teeth mats. Students were given verbal motor directions on how to get across the room to get a sorting card. For example, "Bear walk all the way down and get a food that is good for our teeth." Depending on your students you could add a step by directing them to do one activity down and a different activity to do on the way back. 

After we did the sort together students went back to their desks to cut and glue sorting pictures onto their black and white version of the mats above. 

The student above is also working on keeping his "helping hand" on his paper to hold it still.

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Ready for your FREEBIE?!?! Click HERE to get both the color and black line versions of this activity.

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