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Velcro, laminate, good scissors, sensory tools, etc. are all essentials in a special education classroom. Here are the ones I like the best... Click the picture for details!!

Hook and Loop Velcro and laminating pouches are a must. The laminate makes everything sturdy and durable while the Velcro helps pieces stay where they need to be. 

For file folders, I like to use these sturdy file folders. Use different colors to represent different subject or topic and help keep them organized quickly.

If you are going to be making adapted or interactive books for your students, you need a book binder. This Rubicoil is my favorite. It is very sturdy and well made, so it will last for years and years. I never have trouble using it with laminated pages, card stock, construction paper, etc. You will LOVE this machine!!!

Sensory tools get a lot of use in my classroom. Click the pictures to see our faves up close...



My favorite teacher books:



Morning Work Materials: Click the picture to see our favorite morning work activities




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